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Where do I start?- 

It helps if you know where you are going and what space you will have. Making a floor plan can be helpful so you can know ahead of time how many things your new space will accommodate. But even if you aren’t that far along in your planning, you know that some things will have to go. The sooner you identify those items, the easier your task will be. 

You can use sticky notes to identify items to keep and to sell. The trick is to write down what the different colors mean . This is important on moving day when other people are there to help.

If you are going to put your home up for sale, we can have a spot set up to display flyers of the real estate. Customers do often ask about the real estate. Waiting until after the house sells to schedule an estate sale can be risky because many dealers may be completely booked and will have no time to do a last minute sale. 

What to keep and what to sell- 

Will some of your meals be provided at your new home? If so, you won’t need as much of your kitchen equipment. Someone else will be cooking the turkey so you won’t need the big roaster, service for twelve, linens and all the other items. The same will be true of all the yard equipment. This can be a very sensitive and stressful time, so be careful not to give away too much to neighbors and “friends”.

There are three questions to ask:

1) do I use this?

2) do I love it?

3) do I have room for it?

Personal papers and photos-

Also during your downsizing you will run across all sorts is personal papers. Such as car titles, deeds, bank statements, financial statements. All these will need to be removed before the sale of your items. During the sale set-up, if any of our staff runs across anything that might be personal, such as photos, old high school yearbooks and so on, it will be set aside so you can retrieve it. Much of your paperwork may need to be shredded, a shredder can be provided for your convenience. 

What to dispose of-

Our customers buy an amazing variety of things, the half used bottles of cleaners, fertilizers. Linens that are still in good shape, all sorts of things. Be very careful of what you dispose of. Many people shop estate sales to stock their home with their daily household items such as aluminum foil, coffee pots, canned goods that are not out of date.. 

Securing the personal property-

Be sure you know where all the keys to the house are. If you can not be sure you know where they all are you might want to consider changing the locks. If the house is empty, notify the neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on the place.  

Trash service-

During the sale we try to utilize the regular trash service as much as possible. Most of the time that is all we will need. So be sure you still have trash service. Some items are hard to dispose of such as stained mattresses and couches with holes, . 

During the sale- 

We advertise in the local newspaper, on our website with photos and an email list and with signage during the sale. 

After the sale-

After the sale, we will box up the leftover items and contact a pickup from a local charity. You are free to pick up any leftover items you think you still might want before it is picked up, or donate it to a charity of your choice. This process can take up to a week. But in any event the residence will be left clean and ready for the next occupant. Your check for the sale of your items will be ready within a week.